Our Group

The NW Wu-Wo Tea Association is based in Portland, Oregon.  The group has been active since 2007.  We gather on the second Sunday of each month to celebrate tea in community.  The Wu-Wo tea ceremony is done outdoors, where participants can be with nature, tea, and community.  When the weather does not permit outdoor Wu-Wo, members gather to discuss and explore Chinese tea culture and practice different ways of brewing and tasting tea.  The association frequently presents Wu-Wo tea ceremony to the public throughout the year.  Our goal is to encourage the flowering of tea culture in the Pacific Northwest through appreciation of a gracious tea ceremony while enjoying a heartwarming cup of tea.

Our group welcomes new members.  No tea experience is necessary.  For more information, please send an e-mail to nwwuwo@gmail.com.   Also see our upcoming events.

Our Founder

Dewey Meyer is the lead instructor of the NW Wu-Wo Tea Association.  In 2005, after several trips to China, she was invited to the International Wu-Wo Tea Convention in the Wuyi Mountains of mainland China.  Since then she has traveled with Tea Masters throughout China and Taiwan, visiting tea plantations, processing tea and tasting some of the finest teas of those regions.


Our association expresses deep gratitude to the American Tea Culture Association of Cupertino, CA.  It is from this organization that we have learned the philosophy of Wu-Wo, along with the process of brewing and sharing tea, outdoors and in community.